For the last several months, Jared and I have been hard at work creating an online community through Patreon. We are excited to announce that it is finally here!

Ever since we began the Bible for Normal People three years ago, our vision has been to build a community of fellow pilgrims who are wrestling with or stalled in their faith, who feel that conventional answers to hard questions are no longer helpful, who feel they don’t quite fit in their communities of faith, and who are having trouble networking with others who are experiencing their faith in similar ways.

Jared and I set up a Patreon page to help support us in building this community. By becoming a patron, you will have access to content and opportunities not available elsewhere. Such as:

  • special videos were I answer your questions (or just rant about something)
  • other videos, photos, and patron-only polls
  • quarterly hang outs
  • book studies
  • monthly Slack group drop-ins
  • become a producer of a B4NP podcast episode and give personal feedback to us about how the podcast is going

Here is a brief video explaining what we’re doing. (See if you can pick up the crickets gently chirping in the background. Possible group discussion questions: Why didn’t Pete just think to close the windows? and Why does Jared talk so much with his hands?).

Jared an I are excited about this launch, and we hope you can join us in building the B4NP community!

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