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Interview with Cindy Wang Brandt: Raising Children in the Faith

In this episode of The Bible for Normal People Podcast, Pete and Jared talk with Cindy Wang Brandt about raising spiritual children without trauma as they explore the following questions:

  • How do you navigate your personal deconstruction while trying to raise children with some sort of faith?
  • How do we teach our kids about the Bible?
  • How much of our parenting has to do with the expectations of those around us?
  • Why does Cindy Wang Brandt think we should have ‘spiritual child protection policies’?
  • At what point are children developmentally ready to know they have the freedom to decide what they believe?
  • Why is spiritual security important to children?
  • How can we introduce our own faith to our children?
  • Why Does Cindy Wang Brandt think it is important to examine our own fears about our children’s faith?
  • How do we shape our children’s view of God through our parenting style?
  • How do the ways we were raised with faith shape how we raise our kids?
  • Are there parts of the Bible we should avoid sharing with our children?
  • What can we learn from our children’s perspectives on the Bible?


Pithy, shareable, less-than-280-character statements from Cindy Wang Brandt you can share. 

  • “We have to be aware of our own baggage and understand that our children are not us… they haven’t yet gone through the spiritual trauma.” @cindy_w_brandt
  • “When your child sees something totally different in the story than what you see, you realize, ‘Oh, I see it this way because I was taught to read it this way.’” @cindy_w_brandt
  • “I think it’s a lot to ask people to read the Bible everyday with their children when they’ve been traumatized by those very words.” @cindy_w_brandt
  • “You can teach about Jesus’ love in more ways, it’s just not the Bible that tells you so.” @cindy_w_brandt
  • “Pick and chose the [Bible] stories you want to share with your children.” @cindy_w_brandt
  • “We have to honor our children’s spiritual autonomy.” @cindy_w_brandt
  • “We have to think of the time they spend in our home as a launching pad… they are given tools to be spiritually vibrant and then when they go out into the world they can be even more curious and they can explore and discover and grow in a way that’s intrinsic to themselves.” @cindy_w_brandt
  • “I think we underestimate what children can understand, even very young children.” @cindy_w_brandt
  • “Let the kids miss the point and just run with whatever point they saw in it.” @cindy_w_brandt

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