Beginning May 9  I will be teaching an online course The Use of the Old Testament by the New Testament Writers: Hermeneutics and Theology in Context.

The course is offered through The School of Peace Theology, an online school that offers courses for those unable to pursue formal education or who simply desire to deepen their understanding of topics related to the Christian faith.

Here is the official course description:

From a historical critical and biblical theological point of view, we will look at selected texts from the New Testament where the Old Testament is cited (or clearly alluded to) so as to investigate how the New Testament writers engaged Israel’s story in light of the Christ event and how understanding that process affects how we engage the biblical text today as Christians.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of the topic, only an interest and curiosity to investigate how the New Testament writers use the Old Testament as they talk about Jesus. We’re going to dig deep but no one is going to be left in the dust or made to feel inadequate.

The work load? I am assigning the first half of one book, Early Biblical Interpretation by James Kugel and Rowan Greer, along with some brief articles and essays that you will be able to download near the start date.

This course meets for 6 consecutive Tuesdays, May 9 to June 13, at 7:00 pm Eastern time. The sessions run 90 minutes: 45 minutes for presentation and 45 minutes for Q&R.

If you miss it live, the presentation will still be available online for 60 days. But for those who participate live, up to 15 of you will be randomly selected each week to participate in the Q&R sessions. (I was hoping I could just pick 15 people I like and who agree with me, but the powers-that-be insist this will be a system-generated list. )

  • Enrollment is open right now as we speak and class size is capped at the first 500 people who register.

I’m looking forward to the class and I hope you are able to join us!


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