Eastern University’s amazing Chalk and Table Learning Collaborative recently made a short video on theTSOC topic of trusting God, based on my last book The Sin of Certainty.

Despite Chalk and Table’s heroic efforts to find someone who can actually act, they finally had to settle on me. Thankfully, as you’ll see, senior psychology major and student chaplain Shelby Kuchenbrod was able to carry the day.

Many thanks, too, go to Chalk and Table director Michael Thomas and creative designer Lisa Harding, who were somehow able to take hours of my tribal screaming and grunting and make several complete sentences out of them. And at the end of the day, they were probably right not to take my suggestion that we CGI the whole thing and feature me in the Millennium Falcon. (Good call, guys.)

Hope you like this short video and feel free to share it.

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