Pete Enns & The Bible for Normal People


learning human jesus

The Learning Human Jesus and the Human Bible

By James F. McGrath

I am especially delighted to write this piece for the Bible for Normal People social media outlet, since there is a direct connection between my book What Jesus Learned from Women and Pete’s […]

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staci frenes pride

Rainbows, Gold Lamé, and Jesus

By Staci Frenes

What This Evangelical Mom Learned at her First Pride  I attended my first Pride festival in 2019, and no one was more surprised by that fact than me. An event […]

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Top 10 B4NP Episodes

Top 10 B4NP Podcast Episodes of All Time

By Stephanie Speight

As you’ve probably heard, we’re moving to our bi-weekly podcast schedule for the summer. Just in case you’ll miss us, here are the super-scientific, very official results for our top […]

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evangelical struggle with evolution

A Missing Angle on the Evangelical Struggle with Evolution

By Pete Enns, Ph.D.

Protestant Evangelical theology continues to struggle with the fact of evolution. Why? One reason is that the groundwork of Evangelical theology was laid centuries ago in the wake of the […]

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rules in the Bible

Relationship Status with the Rules in the Bible: It’s Complicated

By Jared Byas, M.A.

I find so many Christians who have a complicated and inconsistent relationship with moral rules. I have found that’s partly because we also have a complicated and inconsistent relationship with […]

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reimagining god

Does Your God Recycle?

By Pete Enns, Ph.D.

This blog post is taken, more or less as is, from my book How The Bible Actually Works. You can learn more by reading the book or by purchasing the […]

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