Author Spotlight


Be Curious

By Sarah Bragg

One of the areas in parenting where fear fights curiosity the most is in regard to faith. I remember correcting six-year-old Sinclair for something she’d done wrong, but it felt […]

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imperfect bible

Exchanging a Leather Bound God for an Imperfect Bible

By Gabriel Gordon

“I don’t know what to do with the Bible anymore” is a refrain that too many of us have come to find ourselves saying. It’s not that the Bible did […]

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read from the end

Reading from the End (with children)

By Brad Jersak

Hannah (an alias) is an undiscerning fan of R-rated literature. Granted, the exclusive focus of this compulsive vice is her daily dive into the Bible. For those who’ve actually read […]

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learning human jesus

The Learning Human Jesus and the Human Bible

By James F. McGrath

I am especially delighted to write this piece for the Bible for Normal People social media outlet, since there is a direct connection between my book What Jesus Learned from Women and Pete’s […]

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staci frenes pride

Rainbows, Gold Lamé, and Jesus

By Staci Frenes

What This Evangelical Mom Learned at her First Pride  I attended my first Pride festival in 2019, and no one was more surprised by that fact than me. An event […]

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author spotlight

Author Spotlight: John Sanders

By Guest

Today’s author is John Sanders and the book is Embracing Prodigals: Overcoming Authoritative Religion by Embodying Jesus’ Nurturing Grace. John and his wife have five children, three of whom are […]

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